Chaga mushroom tea


Hello!! I present to you the best mushroom tea around! We can thank Chaga for absorbing the amazing nutrients of a tree and we can thank nerdy humans for figuring out how to extract the benefits for our benefit!
Fungi is one of the main reasons I changed my entire way of living. Fungi plays an incredibly important role in sustaining the health of the natural world and I believe that humans can too! I will talk to you guys about more of that in another blog post so for now enjoy this amazing health drink!

What are the benefits you ask? The real question is, what AREN'T the benefits?
-The mushroom has a thick outer layer of black and that is an overproduction of melanin (hence the color) which plays a role in our bodies to protect against sun damage and protects DNA. It helps with anti-aging and fights free radical damage.
-There are a ton of minerals, substances, and elements (poly saccharides, photo nutrients, and way too many more) in chaga that contain anti-cancer properties. Yes you read that right, Chaga shrinks cancer and tumor cells!!! 
-Chaga contains more antioxidants than any superfood in the world other than Reishi mushroom
-Stimulates the immune system and reduces blood sugar to fight diabetes.

Some very important things to know before you embark on your tea making journey:

1. Please source your chaga sustainably. If your harvester cannot explain what a collar cut or bark ridge cut is, then they have no business cutting chaga down! A proper harvester will not cut the chaga too deep into the tree, because it will kill the tree so ask questions! This is really the key to finding sustainable anything. Its also important to find a trusty seller because often times they will inject the mushroom chunk with air and sell it for more! Get the bang for your buck and do your research. I get my Chaga from  Fiddlehead heaven !!

2. Do not let your chaga boil! The nutrients will be denatured and you won't reap some of the benefits! 

3. After using once, you can keep the chunks and reuse over and over again until you can't (the water will be clearer and clearer). You can then compost your chunks!

4. Some use this like a coffee, as it has energetic properties so if you are very sensitive, maybe skip the night time chaga! I drink it at night and it doesn't bother me at all!

5. The best way to truly extract a lot of Chagas properties is through a tincture - a double extraction with alcohol. You can still get a ton of benefits with steeping it like this yourself, but with a tincture, your body can readily absorb its benefits.


- 25 cups of water (or just fill your entire crock pot!)
-1/2 cup Chaga powder or chunks

1.  Pour in water and put in chunks/powder. Turn on middle setting (should be warm or low)
2. Set for anywhere from 6-10 hours! I do 8 hours.
3. Strain and freeze chunks for later use.
4. Enjoy! Store extra in sealed jar in refrigerator. (Will last 2 weeks in there)
5. Optional: add maple syrup, milk, or spices to flavor it to desired flavor
-Chaga tea in its plain form has a very earthy flavor.. It is a kind of acquired taste like a black cup of coffee but I personally LOVE the flavor so much. I don't add anything. 


Ingredients :
- 10 cups or fill your pot and leave about an inch of room
-1/3 cup chaga chunks or powder

1. Pour in water and put in chunks/powder. Put on low/simmer. DO NOT BOIL. (it will ruin benefits)
2. Let steep from 2-6 hours. Some water may evaporate, and you will have to occasionally replenish water! ( I like the crock pot way better because you can leave the house, the water doesnt deplete during the process, and it will last you a while.)
3. Strain and freeze chunks for later use.
4. Enjoy! Store extra in sealed jar in fridge.


This is Chaga! Photo from

This is Chaga! Photo from