Hi! My name is Stevie! I'm a sustainability activist that is passionate about discovering ways to maintain a lifestyle that can love the earth while still satisfying my cravings for sugar, physical/mental health, clothing, and more. 
I believe we need to preserve our world that we've been given.  Nature allows us to exist. To breathe, to unwind, to create, to eat, meditate, vacation, to paint its colors, to take inspiration from its design and an infinity of other things... we ARE nature.  If we don't give back what we take, what will be left? It's not too late to be a mindful, conscious species; that treat our earth like its the only thing that will keep us alive - because without it, we would be nothing. I also believe we need to treat our bodies the same! We have been given one body and mind and I truly think its just as important to treat our lives with laughter, mindfulness, and yummy foods!

 I'm also so eager to see and hear what others have discovered about living a conscious and minimal lifestyle - because lets be real, there is no right or wrong way. We can all learn from one another. So feel free to give me friendly questions, comments, or conversation!