I’ve been low key obsessed with vegan caesar salads lately - I don’t know why, but its fulfilling all my refreshing yet savory dreams and I don’t hate it. OH SHE GLOWS uses roasted garbanzo beans as croutons so I decided to do that to and love the way it came out!

Photo by  Choosing Chia!!

(serves 4)

1 romaine lettuce head
1/2 bunch Kale 
1 can garbanzo beans rinsed and drained - patted down dry
1 TBSP olive oil 
salt / paprika/ black pepper to taste
1 TBSP capers and 1/2 TBSP caper brine
3/4 cup vegan mayo (I have Sir Kensingtons)
1 tsp gf Worcestershire sauce (tamarin would work too)
1 garlic cloves
2 TBSP lemon juice  
nutritional yeast to taste (start with 1 TBSP)
1/2 TBSP Dijon
1 tsp maple syrup
salt/ pepper to taste
Vegan parm (can be made here)


1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Take your rinsed, drained, and dried garbanzo beans and put them in bowl with 2 TBSP olive oil, salt, paprika, and pepper - mix well!
2. When oven is preheated, put garbanzo beans in for 20 minutes.
3. Wash romaine lettuce and kale. Pat dry with cloth.
4. Chop romaine lettuce and kale in small pieces and place in a big bowl.
5. Blend all the dressing ingredients together in a food processor or any type of blender.
6. Pour dressing into big bowl with romaine and kale and then when garbanzo beans are done (should be lightly crispy and soft at the same time) - put on top along with the Vegan parm.