Pack it light

So to kick off my first blog post, I will start off by saying I wanted to do this blog in the first place because I was getting so many questions! Questions like, "how are you going to do (said thing) trash free?" or "don't you think it's a bit extreme?", or "isn't it way harder to be trash free?". So I decided to just show you what I do know, and hopefully some people can help me answer things I don't know or am struggling with! I love all these questions because that is what we all should be asking ourselves and then challenging them. I have discovered life to be way more purposeful, fun and creative by not wasting. Just think everything you own, consume, and purchase will be utilized! Not one thing will make a harsh mark on our earth. It is so conscious and so powerful.

This post is a little look inside a daily activity of mine - a mini morning adventure to a coffee shop in Red Hook, followed by a small sweet treat picnic by the water! The first photo is just to show how good looking these sustainable to-go cups are. I have one stainless steel mug for hot drinks, and a mason jar with my ecofriendly top, and stainless steel straw for iced drinks!

 My best friend (and room mate) and I always day dream of having discovery days. We usually have 6 am coffee pow wows in our living room so its hard to get us out of that cozy pattern, but once every week or two we try to deviate from our busy afternoon schedules and explore together!  Here is a picture of Olivia! She hates when I take pictures of her, but I make her do it anyway. :D 

The night before, I got apples and rhubarb from the farmers market and made apple rhubarb compote! I also made banana pumpkin corn muffins because I am currently in the "phasing out" stage of being trash free. Meaning everything I used to own (baking flours, sugars, etc…) are being used up until completely gone. I had pumpkin puree, teff flour and corn meal left over so I needed to whip something up!

All the containers in this photo are glass and are either jam jars I had saved, or glass yogurt jars I kept as well. The bag to the right I found in the house which I now use as my to go kit. In this kit, I store: 

  • a cloth napkin
  •  my coffee bell jar (either hot or cold)
  • a stainless steel straw
  • silverware 
  • cloth produce bags
  • small stainless steel bowl or tupperware (sometimes optional but in case of to go salads/rice bowls. etc…)

With that being said, it sounds like a lot to cram! But its so light and so easy to carry. You can stick this kind of kit in your back pack, purse, or cloth tote. I have it at all times just in case I find a cute coffee place, or if I go on a flash grocery shopping spree.

The photo on the bottom is to show you the tote I carry for the day!  I had all of this in there, and it was lightweight, and I still had tons of room. I also try to keep my clothing purchases sustainable by shopping for already used items. I find that thrift store purchases are better quality and better fitting anyway! 

If you are interested in the trash free route, or even if you want to start being a little more environmentally conscious I will attach the links to where I got all of these things!!
Thanks so much for reading!!