Evergreen Syrup

                                                                          EVERGREEN SYRUP!


So visiting my best friend in Canada was AMAZING! We did so many things that was needed for a vacation away from NYC. We went to a Nordic spa in the mountains, took long walks and trail runs through her acreage in the Canadian woods. We played card and read books by the fire. We made bonfires and most importantly made delicious drinks for the bonfires also!

This is a quick recipe for Pine syrup. We actually accidentally picked it from Spruce, so either would work but Pine has a bit more distinct flavor! It can pair well with a ton of different alcohols. We used gin with tonic and you can also use a whiskey, rum galore! A hot tea would be really nice with it too.

                                                     What you'll need to make the syrup

cups water
-2 cups  of any of these > sugar/maple syrup/honey
-1/2 cup pine needle


What to do!
1Bring your water to a boil and then put your pine needles in along with your sugar
2. Heat it on low for 2 hours
3. Strain through cheese cloth or regular strainer
4. Mix with favorite alcohol or tea (about 1 oz or so depending on preference)
5. Enjoy and share!

Compost your Pine needles, sit by the fire and enjoy!