GET IN MY JAR challenge

So in order to stay trash free when you leave the house, what do you really need?

To most it either sounds daunting or maybe its too many things to bring and will forget or claim they are just too lazy. So I made it simple. How about just one jar before you leave the house? Maybe slip in a fork!

Here is a one week challenge to present to you the things we do everyday that create trash and the easy alternative of just a simple jar to avoid all of it! On instagram I posted a daily jar fill and hash tag "get in my bell jar". I explained the terrible effects the trashy "convenient" alternative is and why you should always say no to these things. Check it out!

DAY 1: Went to get juice and they happily put it in my jar instead of their plastic cup. Avoiding these plastics keeps them out of waterways, lakes, oceans and the landfills, as plastic only degrades so much. Bringing a bell jar for juice lets our body absorb the nutrients and leaves the earth out of absorbing our trash


DAY 2: Was gonna hit up the cafe for tea but decided to make a lemon tumeric ginger drink before I left the house! Hot to go cups are not recyclable, compostable or biodegradable. These nuisance hot cups have no choice but to go to a landfill making a whopping 58 billion cups a year in America alone, just forever in a landfill! Just think, if we had a hot cup zombie apocalypse we would be heavily outnumbered 🙀. Why do we still manufacture these again? This morning beverage also saves me time and money and really does the trick for a warm, "wake up my system" kind of day. The jar with my cuppow lid is avoiding all trash and plastic making this the perfect drink!!

DAY 3: Ditch the to go croissant and quick plastic packaged breakfast at your local cafe or bodega. Quick meal prep saves time, money, and most importantly, trash! Chia soaked in homemade cashew milk with cinnamon, maple syrup, bananas, goji berries and golden raisins. Shockingly filling and so yummy. Got all of these ingredients in bulk too so trash free, zero waste entirely from beginning to end. Feels good, looks good, tastes good and that's what it's all about.

Day 4:  Just rolled out of bed and lookin cray but still brought my jar. Biggest trash creator of all, coffee culture!! Hot to go cups are lined with polyethylene which now make the cup impossible to get rid of, and forced into a landfill where it will survive longer than your children's children's children...times another hundred generations. More than 20 million trees are cut down every year for your daily cup you won't even remember. Yes, YOUR decision to take that hot to go cup is directly contributing. Do the trees a favor and leave them out of your morning routine, unless your routine involves a nice walk thanking them for absorbing our toxins, cleaning our air, and calming our spirit.

Day 5:  Smoothie time! Remember plastic can never be eliminated once it is created. It can only be recycled down into a lesser quality form until it ends up in a landfill and more likely ends up in oceans, streams, waterways, and our land, compromising the lives of millions of living organisms. Don't let your daily or weekly smoothie affect the birds or the bees or anything in between. Bringing a jar to your favorite smoothie bar is the simplest way of saying no to further manufacturing of this pollutant.

DAY 6:  Hungry for lunch and stopping somewhere quick? Popped in to whole foods and used the food bar to create my own salad in my jar! Ditch the box! Bring your own glass jar or at @lifewithoutplastic you can buy a stainless steel bowl with lid that is easily available. Also, around 40 billion plastic utensils are used in the U.S alone, all for a meal you won't remember. Slipping your own fork or spoon in your bag is easier than the amount of energy and emissions making these silly things. Don't be silly. Be prepared, minimize your waste. Be awesome.

DAY 7! My best friend I'm visiting had an amazing birthday party and people brought over wine for her and there were some leftovers so we split it, recycled the bottle and took our jars to the park to watch the sunset. I'd like to end this week by saying that it's really important to do your very best and have fun with these life choices, but don't be hard on yourself if you slip! Remember why you want to make a change, and your actions will follow suit with your passion for creating a better tomorrow in a really complicated world of conveniences and trash. So cheers to mess ups, perfect days, being fully conscious in the now, and realizing that the earth is truly in your hands. The minute you wake up, the world is waiting for your choices. It's up to you whether they be devastating ones or purposefully sensational. Love all you cool beings