Beach outting!

So this is a quick post just for fun! We went to the beach today!

It was perfect weather and since it was a weekday, there was hardly anyone there! This was the first time since trash free that I went to the beach and I definitely wanted to remember to bring some snacks.
Last summer, we would always go to the bodega by my house before we took off to stock up on things. Water bottles, bananas, chips, trail mix in a plastic tub, tons of granola bars, and all of it in a plastic bag. I'm not going to lie, a lot of times I would eat a bar and just forgetfully leave the scraps in the sand. I knew I left it there, but in my head I would be thinking, "How bad is that really though? It's totally fine there, whatever". Now multiply that by every single person thinking that on the beach. Such a careless thought.
So now here is my new little to go snack kit for today!

My big mason jar of water, an apple I got at the farmers market, and bulk raw organic sicilian almonds. This was easy to carry in my backpack. There is also just something special about carrying it in these cloth bags. That sounds crazy but I feel light and really warm in my heart. Haha, yes, warm in my heart!

So another topic for this post is bathing suites! I used to buy SO many a year (3 or 4). Really cheap ones. Just so I can have new things every time. I do not find anything wrong with having a few set bathing suites, but think of where they are coming from, how they are manufactured, and what mark it is making on the earth to produce them.

This year my best friend Leslie and I decided to go vintage! We bought some really sweet 80's swim suits. I had bottoms from last year that I decided to wear, but the top is from a sweet vintage shop I follow on instagram. They sent it to me in very minimal, and recyclable packaging! I was hesitant to get it wet because sometimes swim suits stretch because of the cheap material, but Leslie and I were both happy with how well they were made! I am never disappointed with the quality of second hand goods.