Making Almond flour from leftover almond pulp!

So remember the post I wrote regarding my zero waste home made almond milk? One of the things I wrote about is keeping that almond pulp after you milk it! The picture to the right is the milk and the leftover pulp. Honestly if you were to rewind a few months ago and I did make almond milk, I would have just pitched the pulp because I would have no time or thought to keep it. With my new mindset and constant determination to use everything I own and waste nothing, it brings me so much joy to find different uses for things that seem to be "trash".

Which brings me to this post! We are gonna make almond flour with our pulp! Then in my next post we are gonna make insanely moist banana bread with it! I spent about $15 every week or two on almond flour with plastic packaging that wasn't recyclable. Now I find that this new method is way more cost efficient and SO much tastier! It is only two easy steps! Dry it out (bake it) and pulverize to a powder.

1.  I saved pulp from two batches of almond milk so I had about 2.5 cups worth. In order to dry it out spread it on a baking sheet. For my birthday my best friend, Olivia bought me an entire set of waste free equipment goodies, including a eco friendly baking mat that I am so thankful for. She got it at a local artisanal shop here in Brooklyn but there is a similar one here.  After you spread it out, put it in the oven on the lowest setting. I do 200-250 degrees for about an hour, checking on it and sometimes rotating the pulp every 20-30 minutes. You may have to do it for longer if you do not have all the moisture out.

Before the oven.

After the oven

You can click on the photos to make them bigger but you see the difference in color and texture in each one. The left one is fluffy and moist and the right is crispy and brown. That is what we want - to take ALL the moisture from the pulp.

2. Blend it up! Any machine you have that will make it into a fine powder is great.

You did it! Store it in an airtight mason jar or another ecofriendly container. Now prepare yourself for breads, cookies, pancakes and so many other things to fill your sweet soul.