My juice cleanse

I always have a vision to kick off the summer with a fresh mentality; and thoughts fill my head of being toned and really fresh looking. However, what often happens is that I go into a weird hibernation mode (maybe it's weather change) where I feel tired and hungry all the time! My body is craving greens, nutrients, and water to get through the heat but what it triggers is a desire for carbs and sugars.
So I decided to give myself a 3 day cleanse. Not one of those crazy ones where you only drink lemon, maple syrup, and cayenne water, and not even one of those strict ones to where I can only drink 8 juices a day and call it good. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but when I tell my body that it can't have something that it wants, it goes into overdrive and will retaliate.

So I did 3 days. Four big juices a day all with different benefits to the body, every 2 hours, and then after 4pm a big dinner. It went so successfully and I want to adopt that mentality all summer, getting all my greens and fruits in during the day and healthfully carbing up at night. Not only did my body lose its bloat, but it had more energy following and I wasn't craving the bad stuff. Sometimes we think of juice cleanses as cutting out real food, but what we are really doing is cutting out the bad, fake food and bringing on the natural goodness.

So here I am to give you my juice schedule. Please shop responsibly and sustainably! All my ingredients were mostly from the farmers market and all of it was organic! It is important to cleanse your body but even more important to keep our environment clean which means sustainable farming practices!

Do not take this as medical, nutritional, or personal advice. I am not a doctor, nutritionist, or anything of that kind. I just tailored a juice cleanse to what I know about my own body and what it will crave, and what it will need. 

DAY 1:
8 AM: 32oz luke warm water with lemon juice and ginger (drink lots of water through the day!)
9 AM: 1 apple-1 cucumber-3 kale leaves-1 handful chard-1 oz lemon juice-ginger
11 AM: 1 orange-6 carrots-3 small golden beets-tumeric-cayenne
1 PM: 5 ribs celery-1 cucumber-1 handful chard-1 zucchini- 1 oz lemon juice
3 PM: 1 cucumber-1 beet-3 ribs celery-1 handful spinach-ginger
DINNER 5 PM: Used the leftover juice fiber and rolled asian veggie balls with vietnamese noodles! Recipe on blog.
Dessert 7PM: 2 Frozen bananas blended with dates and cinnamon

DAY 2:
8 AM: 32oz luke warm water with lemon juice and ginger (drink lots of water through the day!)
9 AM: 1 apple-1 cucumber-handful of dandelion greens-handful chard-1 oz lemon juice- ginger
11 AM: 1 grapefruit-5 carrots-1 cucumber-cayenne-tumeric                                                                                        1 AM: 3 handfuls spinach-2 kale leaves-1 zucchini-handful of dandelion greens-1 apple-3 sprigs celery
3 PM-None, the previous juice above was really big and I was full as all heck!
DINNER 5 PM -Veggie stir fry with sautéed mushrooms, spinach, zucchini, sesame seeds, avocado and steamed rice
Dessert 7 PM- 2 frozen bananas with cacao powder, cocoa nibs and dates

DAY 3:
8AM: 32oz luke warm water with lemon juice and ginger (drink lots of water through the day!)
9AM: 1 big zucchini-handful of dandelion greens-handful of chard-1 oz lemon juice-ginger
11 AM: 6 sticks asparagus-4 carrots-3 sprigs celery
1 PM: 1 big beet-1 cucumber-1 apple
3 PM: Smoothie(whoops! sorry not sorry) Frozen banana, handful spinach, avocado, ice and water
DINNER 5 PM: Refried beans, guacamole, mexican rice, cabbage, and fresh tomato salsa