What can you do with leftover veggie fibers from juicing?

Every time I make a juice I get a bit bummed about the leftover fibers that I have to compost. I just feel like there must be a way to save some of it since there are still benefits to what I am getting rid of. During my juice cleanse i decided to take a huge portion of my fibers and make something into them. I definitely didn't want to taste the dry fibers so there must be a way to mask it, and still in a healthy way.

So I made the best asian veggie balls EVER!!!! Shared this will all my room mates and they were equally obsessed.

-2 cups of leftover juice fiber
-3/4 cup oat flour ( I used gf oats and blended them til flour consistency)
-No measurements with spices/sauces but I mixed in to my liking:
-paprika -garlic -sea salt -basil -cayenne
-coconut amines -tamari -sweet cooking rice wine

You do not have to follow this exact recipe, it really is just what flavor you want the veggie balls to taste like! Get creative. The fiber has a good way of being bland so the flavor depends on what spices you are craving!

1. Mix together leftover veggie fiber, spices, and sauces
2. Roll into small balls
3. Add nice amount of coconut oil, butter, or olive oil to pan
4. Put the veggie balls into pan on a bit higher medium heat.
5. Flip them every 3 minutes or so. Sides should be a nice brown color and crispy texture.
6. Put them over rice noodles or steamed rice and eat as is or with peanut sauce, soy sauce etc…