Swimmies and snackies

This post is from a fun and relaxing trip one of my best friends and I had at the beach. We brought along some old expired 35mm film with us, some zero waste snacks, and of course, our favorite eco-friendly swim suits.
I used to try and find the cheapest and "in season" bathing suite online and if there was a sale I would get 2 or 3 pairs. Then I would wear it only a handful of times and the next year I would repeat. Now that I think twice about everything I invite into my life and am also more focused on quality, I couldn't wait to put in some effort to research what swim suit works best for me that is sustainable, ethically made and on the low foot print scale. 
I bought a sweet thrift store swim suit last year and as I do really love it, it stretches easily in some areas making it not so splash and high-activity friendly. 
I chose Camp Cove Swim for my swim suit, and as I was conflicted since it is getting shipped from Australia and I keep most of my purchases, in every aspect of my life, regional, I am so happy I made the decision! Not only is this black swim suit adorable and perfect fitting, it is so durable. This black baby will be a classic staple in my closet meaning I don't need to purchase another one for a long time to come! It is made of recycled fabrics and they manufacture locally in Australia in small quantities and high quality. High quality not only means long lasting products but means less waste and less production.

I'm 5'3 and I bought a size small. It fits great!

My best friend who went on this beach adventure with me bought her swim suits from a thrift store and she has had these for years! I've talked to some people and they say the reasons why they don't buy thrift swim suits are for "sanitary" reasons but most of the time they are there is because the suite didn't fit right and is still in amazing and clean condition! 

No need for plastic water bottles! Just bring your own mason jar or favorite water bottle.

Whether it is a thrift store swim suit or an ethical and sustainable swim line, it is so important to invite these things into your life! Avoid fast fashion not only because it is incredibly harsh on the environment and unfair to the hardworking laborers behind the clothes but because you want your life to radiate clean living. To live minimally, thoughtfully, and with the smallest imprint on our earth is the greatest and most fulfilling gift one could have.

We packed up some zero waste snacks which saved our lives! Instead of stopping in at your bodega to get packaged things, make sure you think a bit ahead and bring some things from home! I buy all in bulk so it was super easy to pack it up in a mason jar and theres virtually no clean up. Pop it back in your bag!

YAY to sustainability and putting the power and responsibility back into being a consumer! <3