Bird Friendly Coffee


There are so many moments through out our day that we barely remember - or at most points are just purely habit. Waking up, taking a shower, grabbing coffee, getting groceries. etc… and surprisingly it is in these moments that what we do matters the most. Advertisements and corporations have done a lovely job in making it seem like everything is lovely as long as you buy their product. Ads where beautiful couples run around their apartments and jump together while making a cup of coffee and then ka-noodle as they drink it merrily. After seeing that, we rarely have any mental space for wondering “I wonder what plot of land is being taken up in order to produce these beans?” or better yet “What intricate eco system is dwindling because of this company?”. They would rather us wonder “how can I be that happy? how can I be that pretty? Maybe this coffee will solve this.”

So what kind of destruction does coffee cause?! Up until the 1970s, all of the worlds coffee was grown underneath rainforest canopies. Today, 3/4 of the worlds coffee is being grown in the full sun or poor shade - driving deforestation, habitat and wildlife population loss. So our morning cup of coffee is driving precious birds and other species to die off out of existence. Since coffee is grown in 13 of the 25 most biodiverse hotspots - it is SO important we support eco friendly practices. There is a bird friendly gold standard that uses a combination of tree cover, height, diversity, and organic certification to ensure that we maintain the ecosystem to save species and habitat!

Whats the problem with so many coffee companies? Nowadays most coffee is sun grown - which means it requires fertilizers and pesticides which contaminate water supply! Studies show that when a production clear cuts forests for sun grown coffee, animal and plant species decrease by half.
Why is tree cover so important? Trees play a vital role in soaking up carbon, so the more trees on a coffee farm, the easier it is to fight climate change and from more carbon entering the atmosphere. Farmers can also use shade trees to shield coffee bushes increased weather conditions due to climate change.
So why choose bird friendly coffee? These productions are second to undisturbed forests for birds and wildlife! They are certified organic too so they don’t use any artificial pesticides or fertilizers. Trees are amazing and they provide shade cover which improves water quality, enhances soil fertility, attracts pollinators and animals that consume pests and decreases erosion! By supporting bird friendly coffee - life in these ecosystems are back in balance!


Finding a Bird Friendly coffees is easy, simply look for the Bird Friendly seal! Businesses that put earth first, love to talk about that and will be very transparent on their labels. I bought this coffee brand Birds and Beans and I truly love them. They have an array of choices and they have amazing packaging. They are Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center (SMBC) certified and represents a gold standard in ethical and sustainable coffee business! Instead of cutting down forests and precious habitats, their coffee is grown under a canopy of trees that provide shelter, food and a habitat for birds to thrive.

Saving the world doesn’t mean giving up what you love - it means being present everyday and making choices that support our earth and our existence while we can still enjoy our lives!