So excited to be collaborating with Farfetch! There are so many forums, websites, blogs, and content sites surrounding fashion - all with a million different brands to talk about and a million different brands to give your business to. It’s amazingly refreshing to see a website and platform like theirs to step up and take the initiative to have sustainable brands like Reformation on there. I don’t think any business has a 100% sustainable production - from waste to resources to packaging to workers - there are so many things that go into a good business. Reformation has been carbon neutral since 2015, they are setting up initiatives for customers to swap to wind energy and educate consumers on climate credits. They use deadstock fabrics, repurpose vintage clothing, treat their workers well, invest in communities, and have a carbon report so consumers know how much water and resources have been saved. I chose this dress because I loved that it could be a dress from any era and I plan to have this in my wardrobe for years to come. I won’t need to buy another dress for the year meaning I can save money and make good use out of a beautiful piece. For styling: I can make it cozy with a big knit sweater or make it more fancy with heels!

OH ALSO Farfetch has an entirely vintage section where you can buy amazing items that are pre loved and in great condition. The first step to taking care of the planet in fashion is making sure you are supporting a transparent business!

Secondhand and vintage items are my absolute go to but I also find it incredibly important to support businesses that are putting sustainability first! When we support these businesses, we are automatically voting no to the ones that are ruining our planet. HERE is a link if you want to check out what’s popping on Farfetch X Reformation: