So you’ve just finished up the last drops of the magical serum that is YAYFOREARTH, and you’re left with an adorable empty glass jar with a smiling sun on the front. What’s next?! Being the eco conscious goddess/god that you are, you might be thinking, “Hey, I’ll just send this back and get a refill!” First off, let me applaud your thinking, as re-filling the jars does seem like the most obvious answer to continue your zero waste YAYFOREARTH lotion experience. When you think about the resources that go into shipping the jar back to us, sterilizing the jar, and then shipping it back to you however, it actually makes a lot more sense environmentally to reuse your jar at home. There are endless possibilities for this, so let me help your brainstorming with some of the ideas that Stevie and I have come up with! 

My personal favorite way to reuse the YAYFOREARTH jars is as candleholders. Eventually, I picture my mantle covered in smiling sun jars, each one holding a flickering votive candle, but for now my collection is just beginning. They’re also great to use for a cone incense holders!


Going on vacation, taking a weekend to see a friend, or just heading to the gym with a post-shower bag? I used to throw my jewelry in my wallet, which lead to lost earrings and tangled necklaces. Now I just put my jewelry in an empty YAYFOREARTH jar, screw on the cap, and never think twice about where my earrings might end up in the bottom of my bag, plus I can see through the jar to where they are for easy access.

Let’s move on to the kitchen. Spices, teas, salts, you name it. Bringing a salad on your picnic? Throw some dressing in a jar and be on your way! I recently have been experimenting with combining different spices and salts together for different recipes, but oftentimes make too much and am left over with a few spoonfulls of spicy salt. A 2oz YAYFOREARTH jar is just the right size to save small amounts of leftover spices and dressings for another day!


The possibilities are really endless on this…like to make your own toothpaste? A YAYFOREARTH jar is the perfect vessel! Bobby pins all over your floor? Throw them in an empty 4oz jar! Save some precious stones and shells you find on a walk, plant a tiny succulent, make your own paint, save some wildflowers, store some nails for that next home improvement project, save an acorn and grow a tree, make some jam, use it as a shot glass, or make a mini ecosystem and help nurse a tiny ant back to health. Above all, reuse and reuse and reuse your jars, and share your creativity with us! We can’t wait to see what you come up with <3

- By Sophie Groton, Managing Director at YAYFOREARTH and fellow earth loving, lotion loving, animal loving being <3 (@sgroton)